Apr 23

Assuring a Perfect Fit Since 1982

Our Past

In the early 1980s, Doris Thomas was working as a legal administrator at a law firm in Indianapolis. While there, she saw an enormous need for reliable and skilled temporary legal secretaries. To fill this void, she founded The Registry, Inc. in 1982.

Over the next decade, The Registry, Inc. grew by leaps and bounds, eventually expanding from legal staffing into corporate staffing as well.

In the late 1990s, Barbara Feher and Gary Henthorne purchased The Registry, Inc. from Doris and in 2011, Gary Henthorne became the sole owner. Though there have been changes throughout the years, one thing that will always carry on is Doris’ vision:

“To provide innovative and comprehensive staffing solutions to clients,
enabling them to focus on their business and profitability, while contributing
to the career success of candidates.”

Our Present

Today, The Registry, Inc. continues to be seen as a leader in legal and business staffing throughout Indianapolis. In fact, clients and candidates have continuously cited us for providing a great match in job placements, time and again.

Our success is a direct result of three factors:

  • A tailor-made approach.
    We customize our approach to hiring and staffing to each new position.
  • Experienced staffing professionals.
    Our staffing experts have an average tenure of 12 years at The Registry, Inc.
  • Locally and independently owned.
    Being locally owned and operated helps us keep a finger on the pulse of the local business climate. We are therefore able to anticipate needs and solve problems much faster.